JoMad Creative was born from an idea eight years ago and has turned into a design and development studio run by Elizabeth Maduka, based in London, England. We have clients in the UK, United States and even Africa that have hired us to help their business cerate an online presence and reach their goals.

We focus on collaborating with each client to visually create their message with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice that stands out from the crowd. Because of this approach we have developed into a full-service design studio that offers a range of services from a completely new website to print material.

The JoMad Creative team comprises of highly qualified, creative and dedicated staff. We see websites as an online reflection of each business and individual, that needs to be properly captured and interpreted. So that when a user visits your website, they immediately see and feel what you stand for and what you are trying to achieve with your website.

From looking at our portfolio, you can see that all of our websites flow naturally. We take time to make sure that every colour, font and image used on a website works together to compliment and to create a creative visual explosion.

*You may be wondering what the butterflies are all about, I would love to say they have a real significance but the truth is that…we just like them.

About Elizabeth Maduka

I'm the Creative Principal / Lead Developer of JoMad Creative. During a semester at university I found my passion for web development and started freelancing as a web designer and developer after I graduated. It started off by helping friends and family members with affordable websites. Then I began to crave more and began to learn different web technologies and to broaden my once small horizons. Now here I am!