Need it, Want it, Buy it Website

Need it, Want it, Buy it

Development / Design / CMS / Consulting

Need it, Want it, Buy it are a company based in London, that act as a personal shopping for people based in Nigeria, Africa. They needed an ecommerce website that would allow their clients in Nigeria to be able to order online and then have their goods delivered direct to them in Nigeria.

We implemented the website using a custom content management system for the products and added a secure payment section for users to be able to pay online.

Doctors Medical Group Website

Doctors Medical Group

Development / Design / Consulting / CMS

Doctors Medical Group called us in to create a website for their health and wellness center, which is based in Tennessee, USA. The main aim of the website design was to create a luxurious feel, we believe we achieved this and are happy with the finished product.

We implemented the website using Wordpress as the CMS, the reason for this and not our regular custom CMS was the client was very familiar with Wordpress already and wanted this new website to use it to ease the learning curve.

Sway Hair Website

Sway Hair

Development / Design / CMS / Consulting

Sway Hair are a small business based in Maryland, USA that came to us requesting an online presence for their hair business. They sell Peruvian, Brazilian and Indian hair online to customers worldwide. The basis of the website design came from wanting to create “texture”, so we went with the ripped paper feel for the main section of the website and then the background has a grainy feel to it.

Sway Hair were very happy with the final design we created and appreciated the gold colouring on the website, which added a feel of class and grandeur to their online presence. Sway Hair was actually one of the smallest and quickest website we have worked with, as their requirements were very small. The CMS we created for them was very basic, but fulfilled all of their needs.

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