One Stop Shop Abroad Website

One Stop Shop Abroad

Development / Design / CMS / Consulting

We were called in to design a website for One Stop Shop Abroad (OSSA), a ground floor company that shipped goods from the USA to countries all over the world. They wanted a lightweight site that was easy to navigate and clear to see what the company was about and also to simple to use.

We decided to go with a custom built CMS, which allowed OSSA to keep control of the registered users and recently purchased items. The colours of the website were based on the logo that already existed for OSSA. The orange, blue and red can be seen all throughout the website, creating a homogeneous look and feel.

Nidogas Nigeria Website

Nidogas Nigeria

Development / Consulting

Nidogas Nigeria is a large and reputable petroleum gas company that are based in Nigeria. For this project we worked closely with the designer from conception to completion of the website. We are extremely happy with the completed website as when you visit the Nidogas website you are immediately pulled in with the colours and the slideshow and the easy to navigate layout.

We integrated a news feed into the site from a large online African news company. The news feed features up to date information about the petroleum industry in Africa and allows users to quickly access the news article. We felt this was a great addition to the website as it was relevant and was added value to customers who would be visiting the website.

We also created an area for feedback for customers to tell Nidogas what they think about the website etc. The majority of Nigerian companies do not put too much emphasis on their websites, so as this was a new and uncertain venture for their company they wanted to see how their customers perceived the site.

Phil Schneider Music

Phil Schneider Music

Development / Design / Consulting / CMS

Phil Schneider is a musician from Central Florida and has been in the industry for 30+ years. Phil already had a website, but needed an upgrade to modernise the website. After working on a few designs with Phil and tweaking the final product we decided on a design that featured lots of photos of Phil up close and links that allowed his fans to buy CD’s quickly and easily.

Phil also requested an Events page that allowed fans to see where he would be playing next. For this section we created a custom CMS that allowed Phil to add, edit and delete events from the website.

Neneh & Odiri

Neneh & Odiri

Development / Design / Consulting / Flash

This was one of our more fun websites to work on. This was our first full flash website and it was for Elizabeth Maduka’s sister’s wedding. Take a look for yourselves at the finished product.

Adzo Jewellery

Adzo Jewellery

Development / Design / CMS / Consulting

Adzo Jewellery (Adzo) are a London based bespoke jewellery company that needed an ecommerce website built, so they could start to sell their jewellery online. We decided to go with the OScommerce shopping basket, because of the in-built security and the ability to accept payments from all over the world already incorporated in the shopping basket software.

The green theme on the site was based on the colour of a particular piece of jewellery that Adzo had available for sell. The unique piece about this website is that Adzo wanted to keep the look and feel of the shopping section and the other sections separate. They wanted a clear differentiation between the two, hence why you see the two different styles on website.

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